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Rowdy Roddy Piper Biopic In The Works?


In a recent interview with, the iconic ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper confirmed that a film of his life is currently in the works.

When asked randomly who he’d like to play him if a movie of his life was ever made, Piper responded, “Mark Wahlberg. He’s already been approached. I’m telling you, they have a script ready.”

Piper elaborated, “You know, my head’s just not there right now. But there are definitely two scripts that I know of. One is by Sal (Iacono), the head writer for the Jimmy Kimmel show. And there’s another one that I know of, and Mark Wahlberg is the man they were talking about for that. And I think that he’d be a good pick.”

So, can we expect to see the story of the ‘Hot Rod’ on the big screen any time soon? I guess we’ll see.

Piper’s got an amazing story to tell and I’d love to see a film adaptation. The thing is, everybody that knows Roddy Piper knows that he talks a good game and loves to play with the fans. Here’s hoping that there’s some truth to his words.


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