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Dane DeHaan Discuss The Osborns In “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”


The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Harry Osborn, better known as Dane DeHaan, has been recently talking to Superhero Hype about the dynamic between Harry and his father, Norman, not to mention the difference between that relationship and the previous father-son relationships of his prior films.

DeHaan said, “First of all, Chronicle was about a kid with an abusive father. Place Beyond the Pines is about a kid who doesn’t know who his father is, and they’re very different relationships. Obviously with Harry Osborn, the privilege of it is another dynamic. The relationship Harry has with Norman is a different dynamic. Every son has a relationship with their father, whether that father is there or not, and that always has an effect on the person whether they admit it or not. There’s a lot of different ways those relationships are complicated.”

On whether we’ll see much of James Franco’s Harry Osborn from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, DeHaan said, “I dunno. I mean Franco did this thing, I’ll do my thing.”

It also turns out that DeHaan has been immersing himself in the Spidey books in order to get a feel for Harry. “I don’t think you have to be a fan of something to do the job,” he explained. “I think ultimately it’s important that I’m familiar with past takes on the Osborn story, more for like common, know-it-all ’cause it’s stuff I should know. My job as an actor is the same job, whether it’s a comic book movie or a gritty Derek Cianfrance drama, or a Chronicle, or a Lawless, which is to take a character and, for lack of a better word, to breathe life into it. I’m a fan of acting!”

During the interview, it was also remarked that DeHaan has a similar look to a young Mark Hamill, causing the question to be posed on whether he’d be interested in a role in the upcoming Star Wars sequels/prequels/offshoots. DeHaan said, “My dad would really like that! My dad’s a really big Star Wars fan. I’ve never really been a Star Wars fan, though. I dunno why, maybe it’s ’cause my dad liked it so much. I have no idea why, it’s just never really been my thing. I’ve always gravitated towards comic book movies. I don’t read comic books, but I love the last Batman franchise, Sam Raimi’s second Spider-Man was pretty sick. The first Iron Man was really great, I couldn’t wait for Captain America to come out. Those are my guilty pleasures for sure.”

DeHaan can next be seen in The Place Beyond the Pines, released on 29th March.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released on 2nd May, 2014.



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