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Ghost Rider Returns To Marvel

2258810-alejandra_do_i_look_crazy_ghost_rider_9In a recent interview with EW, Marvel big cheese Kevin Feige confirmed that the Ghost Rider character has returned back to the Marvel studio. The characters previous cinematic outings, Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, were overseen by Sony Pictures. Sony have no interest in any further films, allowing the rights to head back to Marvel.

Feige said, “Whenever a character comes back to us, it’s usually because the other studios don’t want to make the movies anymore – and that usually means the previous movies may not have been particularly well received. They all have potential, but we’re not going to say, ‘We got it back – make it!'”

As well as Ghost Rider returning to Marvel Studios, recent months have also seen the return of Daredevil, Blade and the Punisher.

Whilst the Ghost Rider films weren’t great, they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine… as are the two recent Punisher films and the Affleck-starring Daredevil. In fact, I still stand by my words of Daredevil being a great film.

All I need next is for Tom Jane’s Frank Castle to turn up in Marvel’s Phase Three of films and I’ll be a happy man. Throw ol’ Hornhead into the mix whilst you’re there, too. Ghost Rider? I can take him or leave him. Same with Blade.

I wouldn’t expect to see Ghost Rider appear any time soon, or Punisher or Blade for that matter. The most likely to appear, from where I stand, would be Matt Murdock/Daredevil.



2 thoughts on “Ghost Rider Returns To Marvel

  1. I’ve tried several times to make it through Ghost Rider, but I’ve never been able to. I just keep wandering away from the TV to do other things. I really enjoy the property as a comic, it would be cool to see Marvel Studios approach to the film, since they haven’t done wrong by me yet.


    • The two Ghost Rider films have been decent enough by me, although I do have a penchant for liking particularly bad films, so I wouldn’t read too much into that. They’re both enjoyable at times, but you definitely have to leave your brain at the door.


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