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The Leader To Feature In Future “Hulk” Film?


With Tim Blake Nelson appearing as Dr. Samuel Sterns in The Incredible Hulk, many presumed that we would see the character turn into The Leader in a later Hulk film. After all, when we last saw Sterns, he had radioactive goo dripping into his head. That was five years ago, and we’ve not had a solo outing for the Hulk since then. MoviePilot has the scoop from Tim Blake Nelson on whether The Leader may yet make a cinematic appearance.

The actor said, “I’d love to, but that’s kind of up to them. I’d absolutely love to, because I loved doing that movie. Louis Leterrier is a hell of a director. It is not easy to do action sequences at the level he can. I signed a contract for two sequels. It was a three picture deal. I think once they decided not to move forward with Edward Norton, that was it. I’m very eager, though.”

With Mark Ruffalo now in the role of Bruce Banner/Hulk, here’s hoping we get another solo film for the big green guy somewhere down the line. As for The Leader, he’s one of the Hulk’s greatest foes, so that would definitely be one character worth revisiting.


2 thoughts on “The Leader To Feature In Future “Hulk” Film?

  1. Yeah, poor Hulk can’t quite get off the ground like the rest of the Avengers have. Seems to be in good hands with Ruffalo though and I know he signed on to appear as the Hulk in multiple films. Surely we’ll have another Hulk film sometime in phase 3 of Marvel’s movie plans.


    • I’ve liked all of Hulk’s previous appearances to some degree. Ruffalo seemed to nail it in Avengers, but it’d be interesting to see how he’d fare when given his own film. Here’s hoping he gets the chance.

      So far Phase Three’s looking like Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Avengers 3. There’s been talks of a Thor 3, and it’s also been confirmed that there won’t be a further Iron Man film. Hopefully the long-rumoured Planet Hulk film gets given the green light.


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