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Poster For “Sharcano”

*Sigh* Just when I thought Avalanche Sharks was scraping the barrel…

Here’s the poster for the next low-budget shark finonmenon… Sharcano!


Directing this latest shark tale is Jose Prendes, the man responsible for scripting The Haunting of Whaley House.

The official blurb on the film is:

Reporter Mick Cathcart and marine biologist Agnes Brach must team up with a billionaire industrialist Doctor Hu to find a way to put a stop to the fire-breathing maneaters from hell!

“The idea was to write a big, epic Syfy channel-style story, but not worry about budget and silly script notes and pull out all the stops,” says Prendes. “Imagine the best possible version of a sharks-run-amok story and that is what I tried to deliver. While the concept is admittedly cheesy, I made sure the consequences were real and the characters felt like human beings and not cookie cutter cliches. I wanted to write THE STAND meets JAWS, and damn did I have a hell of a lot of fun along the way!”

No release details are yet known.


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