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Fantastic Marvel And DC Artwork

Trawling the wonderful worldwide web, I came across these stunning art pieces by a certain Melissa Smith. A 21-year-old from British Columbia, Canada, she’s put together some brilliant pieces of some of Marvel and DC’s most famous names, and I felt that I should share the love.

For more on Melissa and her work, not to mention ordering some of the prints as T-shirts, visit her at DeviantArt.


uploads_642e4973-36b3-4e3e-8468-a75498f9f27a-Melissa_Spider uploads_5d3676e7-fed8-4f3f-afa9-174d22fa7f32-Melissa_Black_Widow uploads_c017ce2b-e91a-4f1d-83b1-c2d22154f84d-Melissa_Cap uploads_5e87626a-f2b5-455b-b80b-2f744ab7277c-Melissa_Hawkeye uploads_e05e0cf6-e894-4ab9-876a-db1f8a5e2c8a-Melissa_Hulk uploads_7e5cb989-ff42-4039-8b1a-51dedc185ef6-Melissa_Loki uploads_d5b3da2f-79ec-4d87-b0cd-f979b1f5c2fe-Melissa_Thor uploads_a0b7eed1-1e55-48a7-afad-158aba8e8180-Melissa_Iron_Man uploads_d90e99f1-1656-480c-8830-45ad08a8f558-Melissa_Green_Lantern uploads_5c572b10-e58a-47fb-83c2-21ff25112dad-Melissa_aqua uploads_a2342ef3-38d5-4464-8086-1159a5a4f10a-Melissa_Flash uploads_a1b04b39-e787-4d90-a3e2-da3b13de4516-Melissa_Batman uploads_ae135276-88d8-4f03-a002-4b426cedd07d-melissa_bat superman_by_bombattack-d66o67a 240wonder_woman_by_bombattack-d6bj841 wolverine_by_bombattack-d5ntu5z ms__marvel_by_bombattack-d6q2b2t

If you ask me, all of the above are pretty darn impressive, and Melissa deserves some made props.


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