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Two New “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” Images; New Magneto Outfit

With the rather awesome looking trailer dropping for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past last week, not to mention the recent batch if images that have appeared online, a couple of new pictures have surfaced on the glorious worldwide web. Whilst nothing particularly world-changing, it does appear that Michael Fassbender’s Magneto has got himself some duds. With the ‘past’ part of the film reportedly taking place 10 years after the climax of X-Men: First Class, it makes sense that Master of Magnetism has treated himself to some new threads. The other image features Nicholas Hoult’s Beast getting into a bit of fisty-cuffs with Magneto.



The Days of Future Past comic arc features an alternative future where all mutants are hunted by Sentinels after a key senator was assassinated by a group of rogue mutants. Using time travel, the Kitty Pryde tries to warn the younger X-Men of what terror is to come so that they can stop the assassination and save the future. The film adaptation is going to have Wolverine be sent back in time by Kitty, mainly due to the audience’s love of Jackman’s Logan… and also likely down to the fact that the timeline that they have in place doesn’t really have Kitty Pryde in existence ‘back in the day.’

Forming quite the ensemble cast, the film sees James McAvoy as the younger Professor X, Patrick Stewart as the older Professor X, Michael Fassbender as the younger Magneto, Ian McKellen as the older Magneto, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Halle Berry as Storm, Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, Anna Paquin as Rogue, Shawn Ashmore as Iceman, Daniel Cudmore as Colossus, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Evan Peters as Quicksilver, Omar Sy as Bishop, Fan Binbing as Blink, Lucas Till as Havok, Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask and Josh Helman as a young William Stryker. It also seems as if Booboo Stewart will be playing Warpath, with an as yet unconfirmed role for Adan Canto. There’s also strong reports that James Marsden will be returning as Cyclops.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on  23rd May, 2014.

And in case you missed it or just simply want to get another look at its awesomeness, here’s that trailer I mentioned:



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