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Ben Kingsley Speaks About His Upcoming Marvel Project


As a heads up, this article may include certain spoilers for Iron Man 3. You’ve been warned.

A few weeks ago, Sir Ben Kinglsey confirmed that he is working on a ‘secret’ project with Marvel. Since then, speculation has varied from an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, to him returning as the actual Mandarin, to being involved with a Marvel ‘one-shot’ short much akin to the studio’s previous Item 47 and Agent Carter features.

The latest rumour, which was initially dropped by Latino Review, was that Kingsley would be returning as the Trevor character who was revealed to be simply a front for the Mandarin threat in Iron Man 3. This same rumour claimed that the real Mandarin would make an appearance to show his displeasure at Kingsley’s Trevor and Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian. Whilst this part of the tale has yet to be confirmed, Kingsley has now teased that the project is indeed going to be a ‘one-shot.’

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the legendary actor said, “I think it may be seen as… sometimes Marvel tacks on a short film to one of their other releases, maybe on a DVD or something. I haven’t heard anything at all about this. So it’s in progress. It will have to remain under wraps. Marvel was so brilliant in the way they kept the transition from the Mandarin to Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3. They were absolutely brilliant at it. I so respect the way they dearly want to surprise their audiences. But we will just have to leave it in the realm of rumour.”

I did enjoy Iron Man 3, I enjoyed it a lot, but there were a few issues with it; namely the bastardisation of the Mandarin character and a little too much Pepper Potts in the climax for my liking. Either way, here‘s my review of Iron Man 3 from earlier this year.

Expect to hear more on any Kingsley/Marvel developments as it becomes available.



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