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Video: The Two Post-Credit Scenes From “Thor: The Dark World”

Get them while you can, for I can’t see it being too long before these videos are taken down…

Most people of any interest in Thor: The Dark World seem to know that there are two post-credits scenes – well, one mid-credits, one post-credits – and now both clips have leaked online. Like I said, I’d imagine they’ll get pulled shortly.

I’m not going to discuss the scenes right now, but full descriptions of the scenes are here, and they may contain mild spoilers for Thor: The Dark World, which you can find the review of here. Scroll down for the videos.














5 thoughts on “Video: The Two Post-Credit Scenes From “Thor: The Dark World”

      • I’ve just seen Thor the Drak World, it was okay and the first after credits scene was the better one, Guardians of the Galaxyish . . . Overall the film had too much romance, too much Natalie Portman, too much eatrthlings and not enough Malekith and not enough of the warriors three.


      • Yeah, the very last scene was simply a case of ‘it is what it is,’ but I love the other scene. Very excited for that.

        I dunno, I didn’t think that there was an overly soppy amount of romance. With Thor bringing Jane to see Asgard, there was always going to be a lot of screen time for Portman, but it wasn’t like the pair were constantly all over each other. In fairness, I really enjoyed the brief scenes between Portman and Rene Russo… and Russo was surprisingly badass at one point.

        I’d agree on the Malekith front, though. There could’ve maybe done with the smallest sprinkling more of him.


      • Well yeah I wouldn’t say soppy, but still, there was pointless romance in a story about gods and universally dangerous enemies. Much of the “watered down” screen time could have been shared with Sif and the Warriors Three, and Heimdall even. The whole back and forth between Thor and the earth folks I thought was just unnecessary. Much of Jane Foster and her crew felt like they were there just for the sake of being there. I think back to Star Trek into Darkness and Man of Steel, character’s roles in those films were relevant, they were needed for the story, but The Dark World seemed to force some of the characters in when the time could have been used for far better purposes.

        I expected godly battles and an outer world experience, Thor 2 was more like a 10 year old’s reimagining of Thor & friends with epic fights scenes to keep fans happy (which were great) and more than enough romcom scenes for the girlfriend that had been dragged into watching it. It wasn’t dreadful, but it’s definitely down there in the films of Marvel’s cinematic universe.


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