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“Lake Placid Vs Anaconda” Is Happening


Yeesh, where to begin…

Seemingly in an attempt to cash in on the recent spate of ‘Vs’ films, such as Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, two of low-rent creature-features finest are apparently teaming up. Yes, you read the title correctly, we’re getting Lake Placid vs Anaconda.

First thing’s first, what’s with the title? It just makes no sense. Lake Placid is the name of film, the name of a place, and so that place is going up against Anaconda? Are they crocodiles from Lake Placid to now be referred to as simply Lake Placid? Are there anacondas invading Lake Placid? Do the crocodiles from Lake Placid set out on the hunt for some anacondas? My head hurts…

The Lake Placid series of films debuted way back in 1999, whilst Anaconda was even further back in 1997, with the original cinematic release featuring some relatively big names in the shape of Jon Voight and, err, Jenny from the Block. Since then, both series have seen various sequels, which have mainly ended up on the SyFy channel or straight-to-DVD.

Shooting on the crossover film is expected to start in early December in Bulgaria.


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