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“Hercules: The Legend Begins” Brought Forward


Usually when I report about films being moved, it turns out to be a move back due to a delay, script problems, etc. So, with that said, it’s rather refreshing to see a film actually brought forward for a change, as is the case for Renny Harlin’s Hercules: The Legend Begins. As recent as this week, the film was announced as getting a 7th February, 2014 release, which has subsequently been brought forward to 10th January, 2014.

In terms of plot:

Directed by Renny Harlin, the film stars Kellan Lutz as Hercules, the mythical Greek hero, demigod and son of Zeus. Betrayed by his King and sold into slavery, Hercules must use his formidable strength to fight for his freedom and return to his true love, Hebe, the Princess of Crete (played by Gaia Weiss).

Also involved, the cast features Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2), Liam McIntyre (Spartacus), Liam Garrigan (Strike Back), Jonathan Schaech (Ray Donovan), Roxanne McKee (Game of Thrones) and Rade Serbedzija (Red Widow).



7 thoughts on ““Hercules: The Legend Begins” Brought Forward

      • YOU have ridden a unicorn then? What wonders do you speak of?!

        That guy is just… epic! I was on board for him doing Batman over Affleck (I mean hell, when his rumours were out there nobody heard of Affleck, he was completely out of the blue), but he did not win out, so now we will have to see what Affleck brings and search for McIntyre in other places. He is a pretty good actor though, I do enjoy his work.


      • So not overly rare? I have got to come to Wales! Will they show for tourists>

        Well… not purely that, unlike most women I value the acting capabilities a lot more! Though he works a suit damn well!


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