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New “The Walking Dead” Image Teases Major Event

Right, spoilersspoilersSPOILERS… you’ve been warned.




MTV has managed to get a hold of a new image for the upcoming episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Titled Dead Weight, the episode may follow a particularly big plot point from the comic book series that the show is roughly based on. The episode itself is described – “Something new unfolds at a camp outside the prison, and the addition of new members threaten peace.”


So, is the above image an indication that David Morrissey’s Governor is going to launch an attack on the prison with a tank, much like how the character does in the comic books? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Regardless, it’s good see the mean ol’ bastard that is The Governor back on screens, even if he’s maybe not quite as mean as he was… for now, at least.


6 thoughts on “New “The Walking Dead” Image Teases Major Event

  1. Given how much they deviate from the comics, this could be a smokescreen to throw people off just as much as it could be a clue they’ll following that story line. That’s part of what makes the show cool.


  2. That is what I like about the TV series. I like that it does not go along with the comics, because the people who have read the comics are on their toes just like everyone else. The people who have read the comics still do not know who will live or die.


    • Exactly! I’m dying to refer to a certain character, but I’m trying to reveal any possible spoilers for people that haven’t read the book. But… the whole issue 100 thing… that person, I’ve been honestly worried for them already.


      • It’s a massively refreshing change that a show is so ballsy with its choices. Normally I can be quite the ‘traditionalist’ when it comes to adaptations, but The Walking Dead is a great example of how to balance being faithful to your source yet still managing to bring a fresh element to it. Long may it continue.


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