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First Look At Danny Trejo In “Volcano Zombies”

As a fan of low-budget, shitter-than-shit horror films, a certain Volcano Zombies has popped up on my radar. Yes, it centres around zombies that come out of volcanoes. Not only that, there to put a beating on these hot tamales is Machete himself, Danny Trejo. DreadCentral has the first images from the film.

volcano-zombies volcano-zombies-2 volcano-zombies-1

The official word on the film:

A sheriff and an estranged family must escape not only the impending eruption of what was thought to be a dormant volcano but also a horde of zombies brought to life by the cursed mountain.

Directed by Rene Perez from a script by Jeff Miller and Jason Ancona, Volcano Zombies features Trejo, Tom Downey, Moniqua Plante, Robert F. Lyons, Nicole Cummins, Kevin Norman, Kyle T. Heffner, Julia Lehman, Tom Nagel and Jenny Lin.

At present, no release details are yet known.



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