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“Fight Club” Author Discusses Sequel’s Plot


It was announced earlier this year that author Chuck Palahniuk is working on a sequel to the brilliant Fight Club. Said sequel will be in graphic novel form and will take places 10 years after the end of the first tale, which was adapted into an iconic film by David Fincher. Taking to his own website, Palahniuk has recently been talking plot details for his follow-up.

The author said, “So much of Fight Club was a rant against fathers. At the time, every man I knew was complaining about how little he’d learned from his father. Even my own father felt bitter and let down by his father. Rather than continue in that vein, I wanted to revisit the protagonist once he himself had become a father.”

Palahniuk added, “The sequel will be told from the perspective of Tyler Durden as he observes the day-to-day tedium of the narrator’s life. Because 20th Century Fox created the convention of calling the protagonist Jack, I’m calling him Cornelius. He’s living a compromised life with a failing marriage, unsure about his passion for his wife. The typical mid-life bullshit. Likewise, Marla is unsatisfied and dreams of accessing the wild man she’d once fallen in love with. She tampers with the small pharmacy of drugs that her husband needs to suppress Tyler, and Tyler re-emerges to terrorize their lives.”

It’s then claimed that Tyler will actually kidnap the child in question, dragging ‘Cornelius’ back into the muddled world of Tyler Durden. Best get the soap ready…

At present, there are no plans for a sequel film, although, one would imagine that if the book does well then that may very well become a possibility.

Expect more on this as it develops.



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