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“Bad Santa” Sequel To Shoot Next Year

Bad Santa

Only last night I was talking about favourite Christmas movies. Right at the top of my list were Batman Returns and Bad Santa, followed by Home Alone and The Empire Strikes Back. So, it gives me great joy to announce that the long-discussed Bad Santa sequel seems to be moving along nicely.

Speaking to The Telegraph, star Billy Bob Thornton revealed, “It’s been very hard trying to get the script right. We’ve been through three or four drafts but we’re getting real close. Then there’s the business dealings to sort out, all the stuff I don’t understand. But one way or another, the sequel will happen and the idea is to shoot it next year.”

The actor added, “We’ll never beat the first film, but we’ll get as close as we can.”

These days, I’m not so much of a comedy fan, but 2003’s Bad Santa is a massive favourite of mine. Here’s hoping we do get to see another outing for Thornton’s Willie.

For the sequel, Steve Pink (Grosse Point BlankHigh Fidelity) is on board to direct from a script by Entourage‘s Doug Ellin.



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