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Kevin Smith Updates On “Tusk”

Smith's Man/Walrus Design

Smith’s Man/Walrus Design

Kevin Smith has taken to his Facebook page to update fans on what’s happening with his messed-up walrus horror, Tusk.

Firstly, it’s been revealed that the film will now not be appearing at Sundance 2014. That was the initial plan, and whilst shooting wrapped back on 22nd November, Smith’s planning two additional days of filming due to a certain actor being unavailable on certain days previously. He’s also brought in Chris Drake to do the score for the film. Drake is best known for his work on the fantastic The Dark Knight Returns animated films and various other animated DC/WB features.

He then added, “TUSK is the best flick with which I’ve ever been involved. Holy shit, did Michael Parks and Justin Long CRUSH it! This flick is like porn if you like to watch actors emote and say fucked up things about shipwrecks and sharks and Ernest Hemmingway and walruses and terror and madness. And that’s all long before we show you what a human-walrus looks like. In order for TUSK to work at all, the whole flick depended on the cat-and-mouse relationship of Parks’ and Long’s characters. I was looking for an 8 on the excellence scale; they both turned in 100’s. Career best work from both, and all I did was point a camera at it and smile the whole time.”

The official word on the film is:

Tusk follows a podcaster (Justin Long) who sets out to interview an eccentric, reclusive old seafarer, only to find himself a plaything in the gruesome plot of a deranged killer (Michael Parks).”

Definitely a lot more sinister than the very vague initial deets on the film being about a man missing his walrus, gets somebody in as a rent-free lodger who has to dress up as a walrus.

At present, no release date is yet known for Tusk, although the film is expected at some point in 2014.


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