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Producer Gives An Update On “Man Of Steel” Sequel’s Wonder Woman


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – still not officially titled Batman vs Superman (it’s coming, kiddies) – is to feature Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, with Warner Brothers finally looking to ‘assemble’ their own team of superheroes. Well, speaking to M Live, Wesley Coller, producer of Snyder’s upcoming Supes sequel, has been updating us on what we can expect to see from Wonder Woman.

Discussing the character in general, Coller said, “My daughter’s favourite book is this little Wonder Woman flip book. It has the lasso, the invisible plane, the bracelets – every page has an image she’s just in awe with. And something that’s become a reality, being a dad with a new daughter, is that I have a special place in my heart for the idea of a strong, empowered female superhero being out there.”

When asked about a solo film for the Amazonian, he coyly responded, “We’re super excited to have her in the film. It will be a ton of fun, but at the same time, we’ve got to stay focused on the film we’re working on now.”

Moving on to the topic of Ben Affleck as Batman, not to mention the negative response that has produced, Coller added, “Anything you do that’s culturally significant or any time you deal with an iconic character or story, you’re going to hear responses from every possibly perspective. If anything, that gauges the relevance of a property or character, and it’s invigorating to know people care that much. It inspires you to make the coolest version of the movie that you can. Ben is the perfect fit for Zack’s vision for this story.”

Affleck as Batman? Fucking A!

Whilst plot details remain thing on the ground at this stage, it’s presumed that Affleck’s older, grizzled Batman will be out to bring down the alien menace that destroyed half of Metropolis, Henry Cavill’s Superman. After a bit of a tear-up, the duo will end up teaming in order to take down a much bigger threat. As well as Affleck and Cavill, it’s also been reported that Joaquin Phoenix and Jason Momoa have been in talks for certain roles in the sequel. Phoenix is said to be in initial talks for one of the film’s main villains, said to be Lex Luthor, whilst Momoa is apparently up for either Doomsday or the Martian Manhunter. Martian Manhunter? I just can’t see him in that role. Doomsday, though? Fuck yes! That could be absolutely brilliant. For those unaware, Doomsday is the beast responsible for ‘killing’ Superman in the iconic Death of Superman story from years gone by. Joining the action in this movie, Amy Adams will return as Lois Lane, as will Diane Lane as Martha Kent and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White.

The Man of Steel sequel is currently scheduled for a 27th July, 2015 release.


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