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Scarlett Johansson Initially Thought “The Avengers” Was Ridiculous


Me personally, I never, ever, ever thought that it would be possible to pull off a credible big-screen Avengers movie. Man oh man, did Joss Whedon prove me wrong? I just thought that there would simply be too much going on and that it would become a convoluted mess. Seems I wasn’t the only one with initial concerns, as Scarlet Johansson was also not keen on the Avengers Assemble idea.

Speaking to Total Film, Johansson, the MCU’s Black Widow, revealed, “The idea of it is ridiculous. When they told me that was the next step [after her appearance in Iron Man 2], I said, ‘Oh, no! That is a disaster! You saw Thor, you saw Captain America, you saw Iron Man – those things don’t go together!'”

Of course, Avengers Assemble went on to become the third highest-grossing movie of all time. Turns out me and Scarlet were not quite as wise as we initially thought.

The actress added that she’s expecting to receive the Avengers: Age of Ultron script “any day now” and promises “when it comes you can guarantee it’ll be read in 25 minutes.”

Up next for Johansson’s Black Widow, she’ll be playing a significant part in next year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which hits on 20th March, 2014. It’s shaping up to be quite the brilliant movie itself, and be sure to check out the trailer if you missed it.



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