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Happy New Year! 2013 – A Year in Stats

Firstly, a big, big, big Happy New Year to all of you that have visited this website and have made it what it is. I hope that 2013 was a good year for you all, and that 2014 delivers all that you want it to.


With 2013 having come to a close, that means that there’s a yearly review of sorts, i.e. what shit was the most popular! The main thing that I want to thank you guys for is that the site managed to reach the frankly brilliant figure of 100,000 hits. About 4 months ago, I thought that 100,000 for the end of the year would be something to aim for. In all honesty, though, it was more a case of aiming for something that was out of reach. Going on weekly and monthly averages, it seemed that the site may clock in at 85,000 or 90,000 hits by the year’s end. With that said, it’s good to aim for the stars, as they say, and 100,000 was met with during the early hours of 31st December, 2013. I thank you all for reaching this figure that I thought was so far out of reach.

As well as doing great numbers this year, the site took home several awards and added a ‘weekly’ podcast to its features. No the pod was weekly until this whole ‘Christmas’ thing that landed on us, but weekly will commence again shortly, with the next pod scheduled for this upcoming Sunday. In terms of myself, the last year saw me end up writing for the brilliant Starburst Magazine over here in the UK, meaning monthly published work and the chance to interview some great names like Simon Pegg, Robert Englund, Mark Millar, Navot Papushado, Jose Padilha, and Xan Cassavetes… oh, and massively welcome advance viewings of a host of films. Never, ever a bad thing.


2013 brought us huge news; THAT Star Wars announcement; the reveal of Ben Affleck as Batman (deal with it!); returns for Superman, Thor, and Iron Man; brilliant TV with The Walking DeadArrow, and American Horror Story; a TV debut for The Flash (kinda); the death of Damian Wayne (R.I.P little man); confirmation of a Daredevil TV show, and a whole host more. In terms of the single most popular day, that honour belongs to 12th November and the 1,154 views that the site had on that day. That was a Batfleck-heavy day, and the busiest post of that particular day was the ‘Details on Ben Affleck’s Batsuit and Batmobile‘ post. As for the most popular post of the year, bizarrely it was the ‘New Leprechaun Film to be ‘Darker” post. What I’ve noticed over the last year, any posts about any of the Leprechaun or Human Centipede films seems to bring in the huge numbers. Seriously?! What is with that?! That said, if you’re here to check out the Leprechaun or Human Centipede goodness, thanks for stopping by.

In terms of where you funky folk are based, it appears that nearly 35,000 of 2013’s views came from the US, with nearly 30,000 in the UK, and nearly 4,000 in good ol’ Canada (the one place I dream to go to – Calgary, Alberta, Canada). As for the wider reaches of Confessions of a Nerf Herder, a quick browse of the annual stats shows that the site got out to places like Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, Philippines, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Viet Name, South Korea, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Lithuania, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, Kenya, Brunei, Belarus, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Armenia, Belize, Mozambique, Saint Helena, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda and a whole host more. It’s ridiculous to think that what I type on my laptop in dreary North Wales is being viewed in so many different countries; countries that I’ll likely never get the chance to go to. Consider my mind blown.


So I guess that’s about it for 2013. Christmas has been and gone. New Year’s Eve has been and gone. My ‘Top 10’ of 2013 has gone online, and now the stats and figures have come out.

All in all, 2013 has been a fantastic year, and I cannot express how awesome it is that you all thought to stop by here at least once during the year. A massive thanks to each and every one of you, and if you ever see me in public (it’s a rarity these days), give me a nudge and I’ll be sure to buy you a whisky. Now it’s a case of looking forward to the return of Arrow, a new Spider-Man film, a new X-Men film, Guardians of the Galaxy, getting to see the Winter Soldier kick some serious ass in the Captain America sequel, and hopefully some confirmation of finally seeing Dick Grayson appearing on the big screen.

Have a great 2014 all, and thanks again! 🙂




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