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DVD Review: Paranormal Asylum – The Revenge of Typhoid Mary


Review: Paranormal Asylum – The Revenge of Typhoid Mary / Cert: 18 / Director: Nimrod Zalmanowitz / Screenplay: Fred Edison / Starring: Aaron Mathias, Nathan Spiteri, Laura Gilreath, Grace Evans / Released: January 27th

Are you one of those people who look to see something good in every film you watch, no matter how bad it gets? Yeah, me too. Or at least I was until I saw Paranormal Asylum. Let’s just say, it’s not pretty.

The story of Paranormal Asylum revolves around two friends, Mark (Mathias) and Andy (Spiteri), who are looking to piece together a documentary chronicling the atrocities dished out to Mary Malone in the early 20th Century. Dubbed Typhoid Mary due to carrying typhoid, Mary was committed to an insane asylum for the latter days of her life, stuck in solitary confinement for apparently being behind the rise of typhoid fever. Seeing this as a great subject matter to give them their big break, Mark and Andy open up an investigation into what exactly happened. Despite being long dead, Typhoid Mary certainly isn’t going to stay buried.

Joining Mark and Andy, we have Andy’s girlfriend Michelle (Gilreath), who just happens to be the daughter of a psychic. Getting involved in more ways than she could’ve imagined, Michelle becomes a vital part of Typhoid Mary’s story, although, like pretty much everyone else in the film, the actress behind her, Laura Gilreath, likely wishes that she never signed a contract to appear in such a badly produced abomination of a movie.

For the full review of this truly horrible movie, visit Starburst Magazine.



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