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“Gotham” Lands Itself a Director


It’s being reported by Deadline that Fox’s Gotham show has found itself a director in the form of Danny Cannon. Cannon, nest known for the 1995’s Judge Dredd and the pilots for CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationNikita, and The Tomorrow People, will direct and executive produce the pilot of the Gotham City-based series.

From a script by The Mentalist‘s Bruno Heller, Gotham tells the story of a young James Gordon trying to be an honest cop in Gotham City. Way before the time of Batman, it appears that the pilot will see a very young Bruce Wayne as that episode is set to revolve around the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

No further details are known at present, although the pilot is expected to air at some point this year. Vague, yes, but that’s all that’s out there right now.

Expect more on this as it becomes available.



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