The Best of the Rest

Starburst #397


The new issue of Starburst Magazine hits shelves today. Go on, treat yourself. If you’re a RoboCop fan, you’re going to absolutely love this one.

The official word reads:

The Future of Law Enforcement returns to police our streets this month, and to welcome him back to duty we’ve put together a RoboCop special! Featuring exclusive interviews with Alex Murphys past and present, plus key players behind the new reboot, this is your ultimate guide to the classic franchise!


Legendary axeman turned horror producer Slash has Nothing Left to Fear + Acclaimed screenwriterLeigh Whannell discusses the future of the Insidious franchise + Beloved BSG badass Katee Sackhoff lets loose her inner geek + Series ‘Big Bad’ Mark Pellegrino introduces us to E4’s remake of The Tomorrow People + Writer/director Xan Cassavetes debuts her lusty vampire thriller Kiss of the Damned + Our guide to the giallo films of Luciano Ercoli + The rise of LEGO!

PLUS: Your favourite columns, news, reviews and much more from the world of sci-fi, horror & fantasy…

If you’re looking to order the hard-copy or digital version of the magazine, head over to Starburst Magazine.

In terms of me, this month you can find a RoboCop movie retrospective, interviews with Jose Padilha (RoboCop director), Josh Zetumer (RoboCop screenwriter), Martin Whist (RoboCop production designer), Robert Burke (RoboCop in RoboCop 3), Xan Cassavetes (writer/director of Kiss of the Damned), Leigh Whannell (writer of several Saw films and the Insidious series), and some reviews of some shockingly bad films (I’m looking at you, Paranormal Asylum and Super Shark).

So yeah, check it out – it’s an awesome read.


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