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Gal Gadot Has a Three-Picture Wonder Woman Deal


With Gal Gadot confirmed to play Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel, the actress has now confirmed that she has signed a three-picture deal to play the iconic Amazon. Gadot confirmed the news on Israel’s Good Evening with Gai Pines show.

With Batman vs Superman being one of Wonder Woman’s outings, it will be interesting to see what other pictures the character appears in. One one think that Wonder Woman would be a lock to appear in the long-discussed Justice League movie whenever that happens, and then there’s also the possibility of a solo Wonder Woman film. That said, just because the actress has signed on for three movies doesn’t mean that she’ll definitely get three outings. Basically, Warner Brothers has the option to bring her back for three films, meaning they don’t have to if they don’t see a reason to use the character.

At present, Wonder Woman will appear in the Man of Steel sequel’s 6th May, 2016 release.



One thought on “Gal Gadot Has a Three-Picture Wonder Woman Deal

  1. As happy that I am about Wonder Woman being signed on for more movies, I still wonder if Gadot can live up to the role. I would have chosen Alexandra Daddario or Bridget Regan before her. The latter would suit her so well.


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