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“Ant-Man” Brought Forward; Update on “Batman vs. Superman”


With Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel pushed back by nearly 10 months recently, Marvel have used this opening to bring Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man forward by a few weeks. Whereas Batman vs. Superman was initially planned for a 17th July, 2015 release – it’s now 6th May, 2016 – Ant-Man has been bumped up to a 15th July, 2015 release from its initial 31st July, 2015 spot.

As for Batman vs. Superman, various rumours have claimed that Affleck is unhappy and is about to walk, than he has had issues with David Goyer’s script, than the script has caused all of the delays, etc, etc. Bullshit! I have it on good word that Affleck is more than happy on the movie and that he has a great relationship with Warner Brothers, a relationship that goes far beyond this Man of Steel follow-up and any future Batman appearances. The production of Batman vs. Superman will still start as planned – as in February. The reason for the release date being pushed back is purely so that the powers that be can be given a bit more time to fully create their vision.



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