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Spider-Man Headache

Hello there, faithful readers (if there are any of you left…). Just thought I’d pop a little explanation as to my random absence of the last week or two. Nothing too serious, but I’ve been having some head issues (contain your dirty sniggers – not that kind). Basically, my brain is a tad fried, giving me constant headaches for nearly the last fortnight, and the lovely shadow of an MRI on the horizon. Fun times, indeed.

Anyways, I’m online (yay!) and will be posting again now, although it may not be quite up to the same voracity as before for the next few days/weeks. That means that I’m likely going to shelve any news that has happened in the last week or two – it’s all old now, so pointless me spending my time to get it all typa-typa-typa’d up and on here when you’ve already read/heard it elsewhere.

So yeah, there we have it. Just thought I’d give a little bit of an explanation as to why the site has been like one of those ghostly old Western towns for the last fortnight. Extra points for tumbleweed sightings.

Cheers 🙂


15 thoughts on “Random Absence

  1. 😦 I hope there is nothing wrong! Keep us posted!

    Damn, and here I was scrambling back to see what you made of the Jesse Eisenberg being cast as Lex Luthor news… then I found nothing and was wondering exactly where you had gotten to recently.


    • Ha! Yeah, that’s a clear sign that something’s not right – if I’m not up to speed on Batman and Superman stuff. On that, I think Jeremy Irons is a fine choice, and I’m willing to get Eisenberg the benefit of the doubt – but that is definitely, definitely, definitely a surprise choice. I was shocked by Affleck as Batman, but Eisenberg has topped even that.


      • YOU KNOW?! How could you be missed when I need my geek news from you while it is fresh?! Yesh you see, that is it. When my friend said Eisenberg I laughed, surely my leg was being pulled? Hmmmm… apparently not.


      • Yeah, I did debate covering that story. Out of all of the news (or relative lack of – luckily) that’d gone down in the week or two prior to my posting again, that was the one story that I debated posting about, even though it was a few days old by that point.


      • I see what you mean. That was some BIG news for what is going on. How are you feeling about the casting and potential for the upcoming flick?


      • I’m still just happily grinning, complete with rose-tinted glasses. I really do still have faith, although it appears the WB is doing various things to try and shake that faith.

        The bigger one for that, though, is Days of Future Past. I’m getting seriously worried about that, particularly their Quicksilver (Evan Peters).


      • They are starting to really rock the boat… I am still just waiting to see how they pull it all together. I mean the last one had Michael Shannon completely dominating, so now just cautious and hoping this goes well.

        I am SO looking forward to that! I love Evan Peters, so I am looking forward to seeing what he will be doing, but you said a while ago that in the same time frame (eg now, recent movies) it is the second actor? Who was the other one? What else is concerning you?


      • Yeah, Evan Peters has the Quicksilver gig in Days of Future Past, then Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the character in Avengers: Age of Ultron (and also an appearance in the end credits of Cap 2). Big fan of Peters but his Quicksilver looks comical.

        As for my major concerns, the main one is Days of Future Past. Spidey is looking brilliant, Cap 2 too. Godzilla looks promising. Bates Motel is returning in the next few months. Arrow is kicking so much ass. Walking Dead returns at the weekend. Also, I’m a tad intrigued by RoboCop, which is released on Friday here. The reviews have been nothing spectacular but nothing horrendous, but I got the chance to speak to quite a few guys involved with the movie – Jose Padilha, Martin Whist, Josh Zetumer – so I’m interested to see the final product.


      • I remember you spoke about how absurd he was looking… sheesh, worst time ever for Marvel to cast two actors at the same time…

        Hehehe, you have been on a “what if” ball game with RoboCop since you heard about it! You going to see it on Friday? That’s really cool that you get to chat with the people involved in some of these projects, it is awesome!


      • Yeah, and early word on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s version is that it completely blows about the 20th Century Fox Days of Future Past Quicksilver.

        Indeed, RoboCop is on my agenda, likely for Friday. I can’t think of a film, even before these interviews, that has turned me around so much. The initial idea, the initial images… hated it all with a passion. As soon as that first footage drop, it had my interest. You planning on checking it out?


      • Hmmmm… gonna have to look into it and see how it all comes together.

        😀 Hope you get to it as soon as possible, looking forward to seeing whether or not it pays off. I remember you met it with some animosity, quite cool to hear a new outlook. Hope it turns out like the Evil Dead remake – just fun! If we get it here I might look into it, we shall see.


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