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B.J. Novak’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Character Finally Revealed


With B.J. Novak playing an unknown role in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, many corners of the ‘net believed that he would be playing Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus. Well, director Webb took to Twitter to confirmed that Novak will be playing Alistair Smythe.

Alistair is the son of Spencer Smythe, the creator of the Spider-Slayers. Over the years, Alistair went on to become an often-misguided villain who butted heads with the wallcrawler. Just as to what role Alistair Smythe will play in the Spidey-sequel is not known right now, but expect more as it becomes available.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released worldwide on 2nd May.



14 thoughts on “B.J. Novak’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Character Finally Revealed

      • Totally agreed. Winter Soldier is shaping up to be epic. Fingers crossed it lives up to the promise.

        And Spidey 2 has me more and more interested the more and more I see. Days of Future Past, on the other hand, is losing me a little time something new appears. I was doing fine, was optimistic and hopeful, until some of those Quicksilver images were released.


  1. Totally.

    And yes I completely forgot about the film until you mentioned it just now. God knows what they’re thinking when it comes to Quciksilver. I still wouldn’t be surprised if they had a seperate team who were paid to think of various ways to screw these characters and films up. It’s so bad it’s funny


    • I’d heard lots of negativity towards Days of Future Past and its huge cast, but I was keeping the faith and hoping for something spectacular… then that first Quicksilver image hit. I know he’s supposed to be a kid in this, but the outfit and look is horrendous. Fingers crossed Days of Future Past delivers, though.


      • Hahaha! Damn they let you down. I lost faith in the X-Men films after the first one, but yeah I hope this one turns out alright, and Whedon isn’t going to have an issue making a better looking Quicksilver than that one.


      • Early word is that Whedon’s Quicksilver appears in the Winter Soldier credits scene and looks awesome.

        You didn’t dig X2 then? I really enjoyed that, and even Last Stand was a guilty pleasure just because I got to see so many different mutants. Granted, that movie was far from great. First Class had me going in with low expectations but I massively enjoyed it.


  2. A good move revealing their Quicksilver before Days of Future Past arrives.

    No not really, too much Wolverine for me and yeah Last stand had the numbers right but the movie was pretty bad. First Class too was ok, but I can’t help watching these films without thinking they could be so much more better. DOFP could deliver but again, it looks as if other characters will get neglected for the more major cast members. The further X-men films distance themselves from the source material the badder they seem to get in my opinion. I’m still vex about Cyclops, although I still love the first X-men film’s Toad. Shame he never re-appeared.


    • Sir, not heard the latest Toad news? He’s back for Days of Future Past –

      As for DoFP, it could be mind-blowing, it could be epic, it could be THE single greatest comic book movie to date. There’s so much potential, but it’s hard to get a story that huge to the big screen and do it justice. Also, it doesn’t help when you keep making horrible decisions…

      See, Ioved X2, but I definitely felt it became too much about Logan with Last Stand. Also a shame that Wolvie is again being used as the tool with which to tie DoFP together rather than Kitty Pryde… but they dug themselves into that hole as Kitty wouldn’t even be alive back in the “old” DoFP days.


      • Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that, the movie could turn out pretty well and I hope it does. But like you said, bad decisions don’t help.

        I agree, the guy has his own film franchise for Christ sake but it is their own fault. It’s a shame they didn’t have much faith in the X-Men characters to start with, many of them were A-C list characters before they even hit the screen but weren’t used to their full potential. I think about the Avengers and remember how I had pretty much no knowledge about D/C listers like Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki, Thor (who I thought was just a plain stupid character until I saw the Thor film) and Captain A (who I also thought was far too silly) but those same characters are now the biggest folks in Marvel, when it really should have been the X-Men.


      • Totally agreed. There was/is so much potential with the X-franchise but each film seems to go about ruining certain elements of the characters. I did enjoy The Wolverine, though. A very different superhero movie, more slow building and grounded. Even then, though, it had a massive balls-up with the Silver Samurai.

        I’d agree in a way with the Marvel/Disney stuff. Whilst I was well aware of all of the characters they used, I never in a million years thought a Thor film would work. Similarly, I never thought anyone would be interested in the whiter-than-white Captain America. Even further, I thought it would be impossible to balance a film as huge as The Avengers. Turns out I was massively surprised on all three of those fronts.


  3. Precisely! Now if they pull off Rocket Raccoon then anything is possible (part of me still thinks that choosing to develop a Guardians of the Galaxy film, is almost a silent F you to all the people who ever doubted Marvel Studios).

    Agree in a way? There are some flaws I guess, but definitely, they surprised and impressed everyone.


    • I doubted Thor, Cap and Avengers – proven wrong on them. My initial thought when they announced a Guardians film was exactly the same, although it’s shaping up to be brilliant. Rocket will end up becoming one of those infinitely cool characters that everyone loves.


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