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Chris Pratt and Danny McBride for “Knight Rider”?


With The Weinstein Company currently looking to develop a new Knight Rider movie franchise, SchmoesKnow is reporting that Chris Pratt and Danny McBride are in talks to join the reboot. Pratt is best known for Zero Dark Thirty and will be appearing in the lead role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy later this year, whilst McBride is best known for a slew of comedies, including the brilliant Eastbound & Down TV show.

In terms of what roles the pair are up to, speculation is suggesting Pratt for Michael Knight and McBride for the voice of KITT, but treat that as purely rumour at this point. All that is known is that Wild Hogs and Yogi Bear‘s Brad Copeland is working on a script for the relaunch. It’s also worth noting that David Hasselhoff as indicated an interest in returning in some capacity.

It’s said that The Weinstein Company sees Knight Rider as something that they can turn into a big-budget action franchise, similar to Fast & Furious.


2 thoughts on “Chris Pratt and Danny McBride for “Knight Rider”?

  1. I guess they didn’t learn from the TV show reboot? As much as I love Knight Rider, a guy and his talking car are kinda too corny for todays youth (jeez, did I just say that?). I love Chris Pratt, though. I love that he’s in more and more movies. He’s a hilarious actor.


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