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Jack Reynor Up For “Star Wars: Episode VII”?

Jack Reynor

It’s being reported by Ain’t It Cool News that Jack Reynor is on board for Star Wars: Episode VII. Whilst literally everyone of note in Hollywood has seemingly had talks for JJ Abrams’ film, AICN’s Harry Knowles claims to have the scoop.

Knowles writes, “I’m hearing that Jack Reynor, a young Irish actor that will be in this new Bay ‘Transformers’ trilogy – but that I’ve now heard from two different sources has landed a role in ‘Episode VII.’ No idea of what role.”

As mentioned by Knowles, Reynor is set to play a big part in Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, where he’ll team up with Mark Wahlberg.

Treat this as a rumour for now, but the young actor would seem a logical choice for one of the young Solos.



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