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Complete “Spectacular Spider-Man” Set Heading to Blu-ray

It appears that the full fantastic Spectacular Spider-Man series is to finally get a Blu-ray release. Season 1 has already been released and the second season had been planned for volumised (is that word?!) releases but this new release will bring all 26 episodes of the show’s far-too-short run together in one set.

Whilst no official press release has surfaced, the Blu-ray set is listed on Amazon for a 22nd April release, which coincides nicely with the upcoming release of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man.


As much of a fan as I am of Fox’s mid-’90s Spider-Man series, I have to say that Spectacular is the best Spider-Man show to date. I can’t praise the show enough and it’s criminal that we were only given two seasons of the show. I feel almost embarrassed that I didn’t come across this show until after it had been cancelled. Big props to Andrew Bates and Drew Lawson for bringing this show to my attention.

Developed by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook, The Spectacular Spider-Man was heavily influenced by the early Stan Lea and Steve Ditko Spidey stories but with a modern spin put on them. It was initially set to return for a third season before it was replaced by Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man series.

I urge any Spider-Man fans to check out this set when it hits – it really is a fantastic interpretation of ol’ Webhead.



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