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Karl Urban Confirms “Dredd” Sequel Talks


Now, everybody seems to absolutely love 2012’s Dredd. The film has achieved cult status and a legion of adoring fans. Still, despite all of this, the flick bombed at the box office, meaning a sequel seemed massively unlikely. Finding huge success on DVD and Blu-ray, fans have petitioned (literally) for a sequel to be made. So far, the only success was to get a comic book follow-up.

In some good news for Dredd fans, star Karl Urban was recently quizzed about a sequel during a convention in Frankfurt. Whilst no specifics were given, he confirmed that there have been conversations with writer Alex Gardand and Lionsgate about doing a Dredd sequel.

Urban himself has previously asked fans to make their voice heard on the sequel, so it appears that this may, just may, be working.

Expect more on this as and when it (hopefully) develops.



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