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“Ghostbusters III” Being Rewritten

Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Billy Murray and Harold Ramis

Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Billy Murray and Harold Ramis

In what doesn’t come as a major surprise, following the sad loss of Harold Ramis, Ghostbusters III is being rewritten, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s said that the rewrites are nothing massively substantial, with Ramis only set for a cameo appearance.

As for the overall arc of Ghostbusters III, it’s said that the movie will focus on a new generation of Ghostbusters, with cameos originally planned for the original Ghostbusters team. There’s also been constant he’s in/he’s out chatter about Bill Murray’s involvement.

In terms of specifics, Dan Aykroyd has previously described the plot of Ghostbusters III as, “It’s based on new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University… Basically, there’s research being done that I can say that the world or the dimension that we live in, our four planes of existence, length, height, width and time, become threatened by some of the research that’s being done. Ghostbusters — new Ghostbusters — have to come and solve the problem.”

Expect more on this as it develops.



2 thoughts on ““Ghostbusters III” Being Rewritten

  1. Let’s all be honest- Bill Murray wasted everyone’s time for over 2 years on this project. He kept saying maybe maybe if and if his demands were met he might consider possibly doing it someday. I know he hates sequels but it would have been a huge paycheck, it would have been a box office hit, and the fans would absolutely have loved it no matter how badly he tried to screw it up cause he didn’t want to do it in the first place. It’s all Bill’s fault that this movie didn’t happen in 2011 when the script was done and handed to him and now it’s too late for him to do anything about it cause Harold Ramis is dead. Thanks Bill flippin Murray for groundhogging the movie into not happening. This is directly all your fault.


    • He does seem to have flirted with the project for the last few years, although it seemed pretty set in stone that he wasn’t going to appear at the last count.

      As for now, I’d say that Aykroyd will appear in the GB3, but that’s about it.


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