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Tons of “Game of Thrones” Character Posters

HBO has debuted a whole boat-load of character posters for the return of Game of Thrones. Find them below. Oh, and just out of interest, the phrase Valar Morghulis means All Men Must Die in the High Valyrian language.

1795499_10152002378462734_1212239517_n 1656339_10152002378432734_67119514_n 1655900_10152002378202734_892790507_n 1779292_10152002378227734_564919755_n 1621745_10152002378402734_1399926672_n 1798772_10152002378082734_1731687588_n 1897967_10152002378077734_185204526_n 1901759_10152002378302734_627797820_n 1970358_10152002378272734_1538203455_n 1970676_10152002378187734_2019526165_n 547902_10152002378307734_1872530009_n 1920544_10152002378072734_284170860_n 1901472_10152002437792734_821006848_n 1924890_10152002437797734_1240408416_n 1795689_10152002437807734_1273799437_n 1174829_10152002437927734_541891171_n 10815_10152002437947734_1367428510_n 577385_10152002437957734_336127322_n


One of the truly monumental TV shows out there right now, Season 4 of Game of Thrones has been given a première date of Sunday, 6th April at 9pm. UK audiences will get the show’s return on 7th April on Sky Atlantic.



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