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Video: Trailer for “Peanuts”

Earlier today, the first image dropped of Charlie Brown and Snoopy from next year’s Peanuts. At the time, I said to expect the film’s first trailer to appear later today. And here we.

When the film was first announced over a year ago, I wrote:

“Charles Schulz classic comic strip, Peanuts, looks set to be getting a big screen outing. Pencilled in (no pun intended) for a 25th November, 2015 release, the film is currently being worked on by Schulz’s son, Craig, and grandson, Bryan. A 2015 release would coincide with the 65th anniversary of the first Peanuts comic strip and also the 50th anniversary of the hugely successful TV special, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Peanuts is the story of Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Schroeder and others. In it’s heyday, Schulz’s comic strip was read everyday by 355 million people across the world. That’s a ridiculous number by any standards. If you’re not familiar with it, kids, have a quick look on that modern-fangled Google machine.”

From having a quick read about the latest goings-on, the above still seems pretty relevant, with the film still currently scheduled for a November, 2015 release.

Here’s hoping that the use of modern CGI does justice to the timeless wonder of the classic Peanuts tales.



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