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Audio: The Week in Film – 21st March, 2014


In case you weren’t aware, the weekly podcast I was doing got shelved earlier this year. Whilst that was a bit of a bummer, I now have myself a shiny, relatively-new weekly radio show that goes out on a Friday at 2pm over at Calon FM. It’s only an hour long and is mainly a recap of what’s gone down in the world of film news over the last 7 days, then there’s details on what’s due to hit the cinema and home release markets. Ooh, and the coolest things, for me at least, is that I get to play songs from movie soundtracks in amongst the chatter, usually dropping 6 or 7 songs into the hour long show.

The last few weeks, I’ve been providing a link to Calon FM to listen to the show live each week. As well as that, I’ve now managed to get hold of the actual audio so that I can provide a streaming version of the show here after it’s aired each week. So, expect to see the weekly show appear at some point on a Friday afternoon. And on that note, here’s this week’s show and the previous few weeks. The only downer on this week’s show is that some of the songs were slightly trimmed due to the show running a tad over its 1 hour spot.

21st March, 2014

Chatter Regarding: The Amazing Spider-Man 4, Wolverine 3Fantastic Four, Doctor StrangeCaptain America 3, Sebastian Stan’s Marvel Studios future,  Marvel vs DC, Terminator: GenesisJurassic World live-action Little MermaidPeanutsBananaman, a Taken spoof and much, much more.

Songs From: Reservoir Dogs, Road TripBilly Madison, Jackie BrownAlmost FamousDetroit Rock City and Trainspotting.

14th March, 2014

Chatter Regarding: The Jungle Book remake, West Side Story remake, Zorro remake, Batman vs Superman and much, much more.

Songs From: Grosse Point Blank, Dumb and Dumber, Quadrophenia, Batman Forever, Trainspotting, Rocky IV and Reservoir Dogs.

7th March, 2014

Chatter Regarding: Marvel, DC, the Oscars, James Bond…. Lots of the usual stuff… which I happen to have forgotten at this point because I’m in work and don’t have the ability to listen back to that week’s show just now. Will update this later, though.

Song From: The Departed, Star Wars, Despicable Me 2The Life Aquatic, Reservoir DogsThe DoorsFight Club and A Life Less Ordinary.

Expect this to become a weekly post. Feedback always welcome. Enjoy.


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