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First Promo Image for “Rosemary’s Baby” Miniseries

The first promotional image has been released for the Rosemary’s Baby TV miniseries that’s currently in development. Zoe Saldana stars, with Jason Isaacs and Patrick J. Adams also playing prominent roles.


The latest telling of the Rosemary’s Baby story is to be spread over four hour-long episodes, and it’s been revealed that the tale is to be switched to a Paris setting. Lionsgate Television will oversee production duties, with Joshua Maurer, Alix Witlin and David Stern acting as executive producers. On writing duties, there’s Scott Abbot and James Wong. Wong is best known for being heavily involved in FX’s brilliant American Horror Story series, and his past credits include work on Final Destination and The X-Files TV series. At present, Agnieszka Holland is on board to direct proceedings. Holland has been nominated for an Oscar for her work on Europa, Europa and an Emmy for Treme.

The basic story of Rosemary’s Baby is of a pregnant wife who becomes increasingly worried that her husband has made a pact with her neighbours to use the unborn child as a human sacrifice. Levin’s 1967 novel was famously adapted by Roman Polanski into a successful 1968 movie.



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