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Third Wolverine Movie gets a Writer; Jackman Returning


With Hugh Jackman recently admitting that he may be getting too old for the Wolverine gig and that the character will eventually have to be recast, many were unsure just how many more Logan appearances he had left in him. Well, it’s now been confirmed that he will return for the sequel to last year’s The Wolverine.

As well as Jackman confirmed to star and James Mangold to direct, it’s now been confirmed that David James Kelly will write the script. Kelly has previous with 20th Century Fox, having been hired to pen their failed attempt at a Daredevil reboot before that property reverted back to Marvel.

Before this third Wolverine movie, there’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. Jackman will definitely appear in May’s Days of Future Past, but there’s very few details on Apocalypse at this point. If Jackmen were to appear in Apocalypse and then obviously in The Wolverine sequel, that would mark the ninth time that he’s played Wolverine. I’d fully expect him to hand the adamantium claws over to somebody after the third Wolverine movie, which has recently been confirmed for a 3rd March, 2017 release.


9 thoughts on “Third Wolverine Movie gets a Writer; Jackman Returning

  1. I agree with you. He’s obviously doing one more solo Wolverine feature, unless something changes between now and 2017, and I can maybe see him doing one more X-Men film. Beyond that I couldn’t see him doing anymore than a cameo role in another X-Men related feature before the part is recast at some point, but that’s it.

    I think recasting this part is going to be harder than some other recasting in the past since Jackman helped to usher in this era of comic book movies with “X-Men” in 2000. He has been participating in the current graze ever since. So, having somebody else in the part will be especially weird and difficult to cast and execute. That all being said, I am not against them eventually recasting the part, but I do think they should retire the character some time to rest for a while so people have time to morn the loss of Jackman from the part and give them time to get used t the idea of someone else in the role.


    • Great points. A lot of people tend to forget that superhero movie fans were left with the taste of Batman & Robin in their mouths until Singer changed the game with the first X-Men.

      As for Jackman, it will be massively hard to recast that part. The only other character I can think of like that is Christopher Reeve as Superman. After Reeve, and the horrible Superman IV, it was almost unimaginable for someone else to play Supes. Tony Stark will be similar, as he’s been made to be so much of Robert Downey Jr. Similarly, Wolverine has become Jackman. Fans weren’t impressed when an unknown 6’4 Australian was cast as the short, hair-trigger tempered Canuck. Jackman has done wonders with the role, despite some questionable scripts.

      If there was a time to recast Wolverine, it likely would’ve been better to do it when X-Men: First Class happened. Even then, though, logic dictates that Wolvie should always look like what we know, Jackman, due to never ageing. Definitely a conundrum.


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