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DVD Review: Sparks


Review: Sparks / Cert: 15 / Director: Christopher Folino, Todd Burrows / Screenplay: Christopher Folino / Starring: Chase Williamson, Ashley Bell, Clancy Brown, William Katt, Jake Busey, Clint Howard / Release Date: April 7th

Adapted from Folino’s graphic novel of the same name, Sparks is a low-budget, gritty, noir superhero story that is a delightful change of pace from the big summer superhero blockbusters that we’ve become accustomed to. Not to say that those epic extravaganzas are a bad thing, it’s just refreshing to see somebody make something so fulfilling for such a relatively small cost – and that is where Sparks comes into its own.

Set in the 1940s, the story follows titular hero Ian Sparks (Williamson) in a tangled web of action, romance and atmospheric charm. After a horrific accident leaves Sparks orphaned, we get to see the young hero-in-waiting taking his first baby steps towards protecting the innocent. During this time, we also get to meet Sparks’ supportive grandmother (Lynne Marie Stewart) and a concerned police officer, Archer (Brown). Sparks is a hero who has no superpowers to speak of, just the ability to fight the good fight and take one hell of a beating. Starting in his local town, taking down minor thugs, it’s not long before Sparks sets his sights on something bigger.

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