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Video of the Week: Valbrook – Episode 1


This week’s Video of the Week features a little series called Valbrook. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of Valbrook (shame on you!), it’s a fun, humorous little show that can’t help but entertain. The good thing, as well, is that the episodes aren’t mega long in length, giving you something that is easy to digest, easy to take in and easy to enjoy.

The basic premise of the Valbrook show, as listed by the guys behind it, reads, “In the Southern town of Valbrook, dark secrets are unearthed and it’s up to a weird group of friends to stop a soft-drink company from starting Civil War 2.”

So, give it a try and see how you get on.

How did I come across Valbrook, you mask ask? Well, a previous Video of the Week selection was the stunningly heartbreaking The Death of Spider-Man motion comic. Two of the guys behind that fantastic feature were Andrew Bates and Drew Lawson. After the wonderful worldwide web brought the three of us in to contact, we ended up doing a Skype interview/chatter about Spider-Man and a whole plethora of things… including Valbrook. At the time, the show was just being finished off, with Drew creating it with Michael Griffin. As well as Drew being heavily involved in the show’s creation, Andrew is also involved as a voice talent. As a result, I checked out Valbrook when it dropped, and I’ve massively enjoyed it. Here’s hoping you found the show just as enjoyable.

You can keep up on all things Valbrook over at their Facebook page or at the official Valbrook site. Good and check them out, they’re good guys.



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