The Best of the Rest

Starburst #399


In this issue…

Ol’ Webhead returns to our cinema screens this April, so it’s time to pay tribute with a STARBURST Spidey-Special; featuring an in-depth look at THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and the future of the cinematic Spiderverse, a complete guide to the history of ELECTRO himself, the weird and wonderful world of Wallcrawler merch and much more!

+ The brains behind BBC zombie drama IN THE FLESH let us in on the secrets of SERIES 2.

+ Go under the hood of A.I. chiller THE MACHINE with the cast and crew.


+ Our ultimate guide to CAPTAIN AMERICA in comics concludes; plus an interview with THE WINTER SOLDIER directors, THE RUSSO BROTHERS.

+ Celebrate the highs and lows of an ‘80s TV classic with our AIRWOLF retrospective!

+ Your favourite COLUMNS, NEWS, REVIEWS and much MORE from the world of SCI-FI, HORROR and FANTASY!

To order the magazine, either in print or as a digital copy, visit Starburst Magazine.

As for me, this time out I was tasked with a preview of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a feature on the history of Electro, Part 2 of the Captain America comic book retrospective, and interviews with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Iain De Caestecker and Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s directors Joe and Anthony Russo. For those who order the digital copy, I’m pretty sure you should be getting an exclusive comic book history of Spider-Man from yours truly, too.



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