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“The Blair Witch Project 3” Could Still Happen


Eduardo Sanchez, one of the directors of The Blair Witch Project, is now back at Lionsgate for his latest release, Exists. Speaking to, the director has been talking up the chances of a third Blair Witch movie happening.

Sanchez said, “Lionsgate owns the property, so it’s obviously up to them right now. We’ve been talking to them for the past four or five years about doing it, but there’s nothing really in the works right now with us. But I think maybe just being back at Lionsgate will help move things forward on another Blair Witch movie.”

On the approach to this film, Sanchez added, “We never imagined doing another Blair Witch found-footage movie. Our plan for the sequel is definitely not doing a found-footage movie.”

As for the plot of any new Blair Witch film, the director has previously stated that it would “start at the beginning and do the story of Elly Kedward, the original. The Blair Witch is named after her.”

After The Blair Witch Project proved a major success in 1999, it was followed in 2000 by Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. With the second film not even close to hitting the heights of the first movie, it seemed as if any further Blair Witch films were a non-starter.

Expect to hear more on this as and when it develops.



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