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Video of the Week: “Spider-Man” Original Green Goblin Test Footage

After this week saw some closer looks surface of Dane DeHann’s Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin in Marc Webb’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That got me thinking, remember how cool the Green Goblin looked in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man? No? Oh yeah, that’s right, that movie featured a Green Goblin that looked like a low-rent Power Rangers villain. Still, that could have been oh so different. How, I hear a few of you ask? Well, this week’s Video of the Week feature sees the original test footage from Spider-Man, showing what the Green Goblin was initially going to look like.

For those familiar with the Spider-Man comics or animated series over the years, you’ll recognise the above as being very, very faithful to the Green Goblin’s classic look. As a fan of practical SFX work, it’s a sad indicator to see what Raimi et al decided to go with in the end.



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