How Our Cinema Experience has Changed Since Its Inception

Cinema has changed dramatically since its inception in the early 1900s. With improvements in technology, editing, cameras and sound recording, film is a medium that is constantly evolving. We’ve come a long way from the black and white silent films of the early 20th century, but how has our experience actually changed?


The Rise of 3D

For a long time, 3D films were a novelty. Although 3D has existed in some form or another since 1915, due to the high costs involved in making these kinds of movies, they remained a market niche up until very recently. Nowadays it feels like every other film made is available in 3D. And it’s not just action films that favour this format. Children’s movies, musicals and old classics have all had the 3D treatment. It’s not hard to see why production companies are keen to produce films in 3D considering that the highest grossing film of all time, James Cameron’s Avatar, was in 3D. While more expensive than a regular trip to your local multiplex, 3D provides the audience with an unforgettable experience and allows us to really feel like we’re really part of the action.


Cinema has become more interactive

The cinema experience used to be that you simply sat in a room for two hours and watched a movie. However, with the introduction of the smartphone, there are now a range of apps available that make your cinema experience a more interactive one and offer various rewards, discounts and deals. The Cinime app is one such cinema companion app that helps you get more from your cinema visits. Cineworld has teamed with BMW to encourage audiences to take on an interactive big screen challenge. Simply download the app and use it the next time you visit Cineworld to complete a virtual lap in a new BMW 2 Series Coupé. The fastest drivers will be invited to battle it out on a 2 Series track day. The winner will be named BMW’s Ultimate Driver and get the chance to test drive all new BMW models launched in 2014. As well as this, everyone who takes part gets a video of their own performance on the big screen.


Everyone’s a Filmmaker

With the evolution of technology, filmmaking is no longer the reserve of the elite. Nowadays, you don’t have to be part of a big studio with astronomical budgets, in order to make a movie. With greater accessibility to technology, we now have more independent films being made than ever before. And I’m not just talking about your local art house cinema or your universities student film festival. We now have mainstream films that have made it to the big screen on very small budgets. A good example is 2009’s Paranormal Activity. Made for just $1,100, it went on to make almost $108 million dollars at US box office alone.

From black and white to colour, from silent to sound, cinema has evolved hugely over the last century. But no matter how good home entertainment becomes, the cinema experience remains unbeatable, with people still flocking to their local picture house to sit in dark room, eat popcorn and escape reality.


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