The Best of the Rest

Starburst #400

Starburst400This month’s issue of Starburst Magazine is a landmark 400th issue. Pretty impressive stuff, no? Here’s what you can expect to find:

STARBURST turns 400, and to celebrate the occasion we unveil our new format, pay tribute to the genre properties that have defined our 37 years in print, invite founding editor Dez Skinn to lift the lid on the untold history of the mag, and check in on the little known film that graced our very first cover. Whatever did happen to STAR WARS anyway?

+ EVACUATE TOKYO! – Part 1 of our ultimate GODZILLA movie guide.

+ BEWARE THE BAT-FAN! – Ralph Garman, co-host of Kevin Smith’s popular podcast HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON, talks to us about his upcoming BATMAN ’66 comic book run, his UK tour and more…

+ FIGHT OR IGNITE! – The cast and crew of indie superhero flick SPARKS take us behind the scenes.

+ THE RISE OF THE REBEL SCUM! – While EPISODE VII details remain under wraps, we bring you everything you need to know about the next chapter in the saga, STAR WARS REBELS…

+ Your favourite COLUMNS, NEWS, REVIEWS and much MORE from the world of SCI-FI, HORROR and FANTASY!

To order your copy of this brilliant issue (it honestly is a beauty), check out your local stockists or visit Starburst Magazine.

In terms of my content this time out, I’ve provided a look back at sci-fi, fantasy and horror throughout the ’90s, the Sparks interviews, the Rise of the Rebel Scum piece, a few other reviews and news pieces, plus apparently a comic book history of Spider-Man is attached to the digital issue of the mag.



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