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Upcoming “Friday the 13th” in Talks with “V/H/S” Director


Despite 2009 seeing Friday the 13th rebooted, Paramount Pictures is once again looking to rejig their Jason Voorhees-centric franchise. This isn’t anything particular new, but the news here is that the studio is apparently in advanced negotiations with David Bruckner to helm this latest restart.

This new Friday the 13th has been long rumoured to be filmed using the often-horrible ‘found-footage’ approach. Whilst The Blair Witch Project shook the horror world with such an approach, and recent efforts like The Borderlands have utilised it wisely, there has been some absolute dross released in the name of found-footage. Adding further to these rumours of Friday the 13th taking this approach, Bruckner is best known for directing one of the segments of V/H/S. Bruckner helmed the Amateur Night segment, which involved three guys bringing a slightly hot/slightly crazy girl back to their motel room. It turns out that the ‘slightly crazy’ part is the bit that they really should’ve paid more attention to, as she turns into some beastie, slaughters the group, then flies off into the night.

At present, this next Friday the 13th is set for a 13th March, 2015 release. And yes, that is a Friday.



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