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Blu-ray Review: Son of Batman


Review: Son of Batman / Cert: 12A / Director: Ethan Spaulding / Screenplay: Joe Lansdale / Starring: Jason O’Mara, Stuart Allen, Morena Baccarin, Thomas Gibson, Giancarlo Esposito / Release Date: 5th May

Yes, as the title suggests, this latest animated fare brings audiences an introduction to Damian Wayne (Allan). The lovechild of Bruce Wayne (O’Mara) and Talia al Ghul (Baccarin), this creation of Grant Morrison’s often split the comic book community. No longer with us in that medium, the expertly trained, slightly psychopathic pre-teen is now getting the small screen treatment.

When Ra’s al Ghul (Esposito) and his League of Shadows are attacked by Deathstroke (Gibson) and his cohorts, Talia makes the decision to send son Damian to Gotham City to be introduced to his father, the Caped Crusader. With Batman unaware that he even has a son at this point, the Dark Knight’s world is flipped on its head. Not only does Bruce Wayne now have a child, said sprog just so happens to have been trained by the League of Shadows from birth. With a penchant for revenge and death, much like grandfather Ra’s, the young Damian is fully prepared to take the life of any who have wronged him – in this case Deathstroke, et al – and it is down to the World’s Greatest Detective to instil a sense of morality and a willingness to do the right thing into his newly discovered offspring. Tangled up in all of this, we also have a subplot involving Kirk Langstrom (Xander Berkeley) and an army of Man-Bats, plus fleeting appearances from Dick Grayson (Sean Maher), aka Nightwing, and a few familiar faces.

For the full review, head over to Starburst Magazine.


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