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DVD Review: Goal of the Dead

Goal of the Dead

Review: Goal of the Dead / Cert: TBC / Director: Thierry Poiraud, Benjamin Rocher / Screenplay: Various / Starring: Alban Lenoir, Charlie Bruneau, Ahmed Sylla, Tiphaine Daviot / Release Date: TBC

We’ll be honest, the first mention of Goal of the Dead had us rolling our eyes and expecting the worst. As it happens, this turned out to be a charming movie that regularly hits the correct beats throughout. Yes, the basic premise is football and zombies, but don’t let the bonkers notion put you off.

Goal of the Dead centres on glamorous, glitzy Olympique de Paris travelling to play lowly Caplongue in a cup match. It turns out that, years prior, Caplongue’s star player, Sam Lorit (Lenoir), had left his home town club for the bright lights of Paris. Once idolised, Lorit is villainised upon this homecoming. So much so, local player Jeannot (Sebastien Vandenberghe) is injected with a mysterious potion that sends him into a rage. The hulking Jeannot goes on a rampaging mission to make sure that former friend Lorit doesn’t leave the stadium alive. It just so happens that Jeannot’s rage-fuelled condition is contagious, passed on whenever the infected vomit on somebody. As the virus spreads, the small town of Caplongue falls into darkness.

Despite its ludicrous-sounding plot, Goal of the Dead is a massively enjoyable movie. As well as ageing star Lorit, we get introduced to young, arrogant teammate Idriss (Sylla). Then there’s a TV reporter (Bruneau) tasked with following the Paris team for this game, money-grabbing agents, fickle fans, well-meaning football managers, and even some football hooligans thrown in for good measure…

For the full review, head over to Starburst Magazine.


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