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Mark Ruffalo Talks Up New Hulk Movie

Mark Ruffalo Hulk

After a couple of ill-received outings, the talk of a new Hulk solo movie still refuse to go away. Ang Lee’s Hulk was accused of being too character-driven, serious and majorly lacking in Hulk Smash. Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk rectified the Hulk Smash issue, but has often been accused of being boring, too comic book-like and formulaic. Then came Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, which essentially made the Hulk its star. In that film. the big green guy got the best moments, the best interaction, and Mark Ruffalo managed to get the fans onside with his Bruce Banner. As a result, the talk of another solo outing for the Green Goliath has reared its head once more.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Ruffalo said, “I think they are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it. When we did The Avengers it was basically ‘No!’, and now there is some consideration for it. Butthere’s still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut. I think the Banner/Hulk storyline is obviously a tough nut to crack.”

When the idea of a team-up came up, the actor teased, “If they do Iron Man 4 and Banner’s in that, that would be great.”

Ruffalo did a great job in The Avengers, but then so did Ed Norton in The Incredible Hulk. As for the character of the Hulk, the character can often become boring if not handled correctly and in well-timed bursts. Some may say that the Hulk is not a strong enough character to hold his own movie, and that may be true. Whedon used the character perfectly in The Avengers. In that movie, he was almost comic relief at times, but he brought a destructive, combative edge at all the right times. Plus the interactions between Banner and Stark were a joy to watch unravel.

Whether a new Hulk movie happens any time soon or not, you can see the jolly green giant in Avengers: Age of Ultron when that hits on 24th April, 2015 in the UK, with an international release following on 1st May, 2015.



5 thoughts on “Mark Ruffalo Talks Up New Hulk Movie

  1. Please god let this happen. Hulk is one of my favorite characters, and I so badly want him to have his own successful film and film franchise. There is definitely enough to explore in Banner, the Hulk (as a character), and his supporting cast to support multiple films. Hope this happens.


  2. I believe if they do a New Hulk Mark Ruff alo version might fail because alot people think mark ruffalo character didn’t fit the role of Bruce Banner like Edward Norton did.


    • I dunno on that front. I think a lot of people really enjoyed Ruffalo, although it’s easier to do well with a smaller role as part of a larger ensemble. I was a huge fan of Norton’s Banner, but I’m prepared to give Ruffalo a chance in a solo film if it were to happen.


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