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Writer and Director Revealed for “Episode VIII” and “Episode IV”?

Rian Johnson

Wow! A tad shocking here, as the general thought was that J.J. Abrams was on board to direct the next three “saga” Star Wars movies. Apparently not, for Deadline is reporting that Rian Johnson is definitely writing and directing Star Wars: Episode VIII, with him also writing Star Wars: Episode IV. There are rumours, though, that Johnson has also signed on to direct Episode IV.

Whilst this is surprising news, Johnson did direct the awesome Brick, which I’m a huge fan of. As a result, he gets plenty of love from me. Other than that, he’s likely best known for directing Looper and The Brothers Bloom.

Expect more on all of this as it develops.



6 thoughts on “Writer and Director Revealed for “Episode VIII” and “Episode IV”?

  1. I’m more than just a little scared about these new movies, and I thought that it was going to be a good idea to have J.J. Abrams on board. Part of me thinks that it might be best to just let this franchise be. On the other hand, Disney’s done some pretty good things for Marvel. It’s kind of a toss up.


    • I agree that it should be left alone, but Disney will keep making Wars films purely because it’s a massive cash cow regardless of standard. Hence the huge takeover. That said, getting to see Luke again, an idol of my childhood, makes me smile. As to whether the new films can hold me attention after the original characters are put to one side for newer blood, that remains to be seen.


  2. Such an intriguing choice. Like you, I sort of assumed that Abrams would run the ‘canon’ show through the next three films. I like Abrams, Edwards and Johnson as directors. Doesn’t guarantee good films, but I think they are three good choices.


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