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Audio: The Week in Film #16


This week’s edition of The Week in Film aired over on Calon FM yesterday. If you happened to have missed the show, you can listen to it below.

Chatter Regarding: The cinematic DC universe casts Aquaman plus reveals plans for seven movies, two surprise appearances for Avengers: Age of Ultron, an update on a new Hulk movie, villain likely to return for Captain America 3, setting of X-Men: Apocalypse revealed, bizarre injury rules Harrison Ford out of Star Wars shooting, Spielberg’s The BFG gets a release date, Beauty and the Beast loses its director, Scooby-Doo getting rebooted, sixth Resident Evil gets a title, Insidious: Chapter 3 casts its first role, UK box office report, upcoming cinema releases, upcoming home releases and much, much more.

Songs From: Goodfellas, Road TripThe Rocky Horror Picture Show, The ThingThe WarriorsFlight of the Phoenix, and The Joy of Disco.



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