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Movie Review: WolfCop

wolfcop_face_web Review: WolfCop / Cert: TBC / Director: Lowell Dean / Screenplay: Lowell Dead / Starring: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Sarah Lind, Aidan Devine /  Released: TBC To break WolfCop down into its simplest terms, it’s a movie that centres on an alcoholic deputy sheriff who turns into a werewolf. As far as plots go, it’s pretty out there. Thing is, it’s a ridiculously enjoyable movie that long-time fans of horror and black humour will enjoy. Opening the film, we’re introduced to Lou Garou (Fafard), who is a waste of space, alcohol-dependent cop who has the respect of absolutely nobody. After experiencing seemingly just another blackout, it becomes clear that Garou has actually been used by some shady, dark arts types for something much bigger than any hangover. Discovering he has heightened senses, it doesn’t take long before we’re treated to a practical-effects-heavy, visceral transformation that is very much in the vein of An American Werewolf in London rather than the sleek, soulless transformations of more modern fare. Managing to keep a relative understanding of what is going on around him, Garou sets out to get to the bottom of things, all whilst supping liquor and chowing down on doughnuts. Now WolfCop could be taken as nothing more than a gimmick and just the latest in the line of movies trying to go for an odd angle in order to drum up some hype and attention. In fairness to Dean and his team, they have put together an absolutely brilliant flick that is tied together by humour, gore, and cheesy dialogue… For the full review of this furry, funny frightener, head over to Starburst Magazine.


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